Heated dog beds – top 6 tips you need to know in 2018

Top 6 tips you need to know about heated dog beds

The dog, like any other pet, needs its own place where it will be safe and comfortable. The heated dog beds should correspond to the size of the animal and its preferences, only then the dog will be psychologically comfortable, and she will be happy to relax in the space reserved for her.

Long gone dog bedding from scrap materials. At the moment, pet stores offer a lot of heated beds and houses for dogs, which will not only become a comfortable and cozy place for dogs but also able to complement and decorate the interior of the room.

best heated dog bed
Cute dog on a heated bed

How to choose a heated dog bed?

Before buying a couch or a soft place for a dog, it is necessary to study the main nuances that require attention when choosing this accessory:

  1. Form. To find the right model you need to look carefully before buying, as your fourlegged friend prefers to sleep. The dog that sleeps up will like a round nest, and the animal prefers to stretch out while sleeping full length is better to choose rectangular beds. For dogs feeding weakness to master sofas and chairs suitable dog sofas on legs, thanks to which the animal will be protected from the cold floor and drafts.
  2. Size. Largely depends on whether the dog is comfortable in the bed and, consequently, her desire to be there, which is important, especially during habituation of the animal to its place. To determine the size of the bed measure your pet in length and height. The length of the lounger should be 46 inches more, and the width greater than the height of the dog twice. Too large a rug can scare the dog, she will be uncomfortable and the animal may refuse to sleep in a designated place. If you don’t plan to change beds as the dog’s growth, which is better for psychological comfort, buy sleeper dimensions are already an adult dog.
  3. Material quality. A very important aspect on which depends the durability of the couch and care for it. Materials must be natural and strong enough because most dogs before going to bed trample on the litter and even try to bury themselves in it. Fragile material quickly deteriorates under the influence of dog claws. It is better if the bed will be a removable mattress and covers that need to be regularly shaken out and washed.
  4. Cost. The price of a bed for a dog is due to your financial capabilities, but do not forget that the purchase of lowquality and cheap sunbed can lead to the fact that very soon it will have to change.
  5. Kind of couches depends on the breed and size of the dog. For large dogs is more appropriate just to acquire mattresses or mats. Mediumsized rocks fit quilted or wicker baskets with mattress or sunbeds, which are plastic and soft. For dogs, of course, will be comfortable on a heated soft lounger, but it is much more difficult to keep in order. Plastic more practical and more hygienic, and if you put it in a soft litter, and the dog it will be convenient and hassle with cleaning will be less. Soft dog beds come with sides and without them. Dogs prefer the first option, in which warmer and can be put an on the brink of a snout. Among the expensive models of wellknown manufacturers, you can find orthopedic beds with heating and cooling. Decorative dogs most like the coucheshouses. The house for a dog can be made in the form of a kennel, mink or cradle. Some models have additional insulating layers and good insulation. Generally, the house will please dogs of any size, as it gives the animal a sense of security, but this model is for large dogs will be more expensive than miniature options for decorative rocks. You can find sleeping dog’s place a transformer, which rolls up like a sleeping bag and is very convenient during trips and travels. If the dog lives outside, she’ll need a box with warm wood, preferably double walls and insulated lining. The entrance to the booth should freely allow it to pass. It is desirable to place the booth in an openair cage with a canopy from rainfall. The choice of the model of the dog’s bed depends on the age of the dog, older animals prefer warmer, softer and closed places.
  6. Location. Possibly dog rug should be placed in the place which the dog chose itself. But if your pet has chosen not the most successful corner of your apartment, choose it yourself, but keep in mind that the dog’s couch should not be located on drafts, walkthrough places, near heating and heating devices. Bath, kitchen, and corridors for designated dog categorically do not fit, the animal can catch a cold lying on the cold tiles.
Electric heated dog bed
Small dog on an electric heated bed

Once you have chosen a place for a dog lounger, do not change it and never punish the pet when he is there. The dog should know that the couch is its territory, safe in any case.

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